Our Values


Spago loves a challenge. Challenges in new environments or those we set for ourselves to provide top-notch service make us thrive. Settling for average has never been an option at Spago. Challenges have always meant searching for better, bolder and bedazzling solutions.


As a highly proactive team, we are always creating new ways of doing things and overcoming obstacles. Better solutions that have not yet been tapped!


A ‘can do’ attitude is the mantra we live and breathe by. Our clients expect nothing less than the highest standards, punctuality and unimpeachable service. Whatever it takes, Spago does NOT fail.


At Ronaldo’s Spago, you’ll find more than just a supplier or support service. We work to understand our customers’ needs and goals to develop better solutions and drive their business and our own. We represent our customers and their brand values. Strong relationships lead to exemplary service.


Each event is unique and so we treat each of them as unique. Spago is all about a fresh approach to a whole new direction. Who needs the rulebook, because being radical is awesome!


Spago comes up high on quality every single time!